Q: Can anyone join Evergreen Compassionate Care?
A: No. ECC is a California Collective that is open only to California residents that need safe access to medical cannabis products from a professional, consistent source. We require VALID CA IDENTIFICATION and a VALID RECOMMENDATION from a licensed physician to apply for membership. Click the Apply to ECC tab to get started!

Q: Is my personal/medical information safe?
A: Yes. All member information is submitted over a secure, encrypted connection, and we take member security very seriously. We follow the same patient privacy rules as any licensed pharmacy, according to HIPAA security standards. ECC is discreet and professional, and we never sell or otherwise misuse your medical or personal information.

Q: Can I sign up right before you close?
A: No. We don’t process new/renewal patient applications after 7:00pm. 7:00pm and after is our busiest time of the night, and we place all of our focus on our current members that need meds before we close. If you are a new patient, or your rec is expired, we will process your information when we open the next day.

Q: I had to leave and missed the delivery driver, can you send the driver back out?
A: If you miss your delivery driver without calling cancel your order (no call/no answer), you will receive a missed delivery strike and your membership status will change to suspended. You cannot receive orders while your membership is suspended. You will have to pay a missed delivery fee (strike 1, 2, or 3) to reinstate your membership. If you are a FTP and you miss your first delivery, your membership will be terminated.

Q: Can I make a change to my order after it has been placed?
A: For a short time. Your order gets processed and sent out with a driver within minutes after we take the order. After 5 minutes we cannot make changes to the order, because your order is sitting in the driver’s car. The only option after 5 minutes is to cancel the original order and place a new order. Your quoted delivery time will be adjusted to reflect your most recent order.

Q: Can I check out the medication before I donate to the collective?
A: Yes. Our medicine is 100% guaranteed, and there is no obligation to donate if you aren’t totally satisfied with your medication. We never pressure you or imply that you are required to donate if our medicine isn’t up to your standards. Our professional staff has one goal in mind: helping you feel better. That includes providing members with a relaxed, secure process to getting the medicine they need.