Drivers Wanted

We need full time and part time drivers. Looking for motivated people that think fast. We provide everything, we just need people with clean driving records to get it to our patients.

* Minimum Age 25
* No DUI or SR22
* Less than 3 moving violations in last 3 years (we check)
* Must pass drug screen

Part Time:
* 5 hour shifts
* Must be available at least 4 days per week

Full Time:
* 8-9 hour shifts depending on amount of calls
* We always pay overtime
* Must be available 5 days per week

* $10/hour + $2/delivery + tips
* Get paid per delivery — fast drivers get better pay
* We hire “employees” which means we pay your taxes for you like a traditional job
* Get paid daily
* Keep all your tips

* We provide vehicle
* We pay all fuel costs
* We provide phone — so you don’t use your data/storage for work
* We provide insurance — so you don’t risk your own vehicle or personal insurance
* We sponsor your delivery license
* We reimburse all hiring and license fees for your delivery license
* Once licensed, you get product discounts

Disclaimer: Regardless of what you may have heard, if a collective says they operate “using the collective model,” “in accordance with prop 215,” or using “volunteers” that collective is not only incorrect but also operating illegally. If you are a cannabis delivery driver and you get in an accident, or hurt somebody YOUR PERSONAL INSURANCE CARRIER WILL DENY ALL CLAIMS AND YOU ARE PERSONALLY LIABLE FOR ALL DAMAGES.

This is not something you have to worry about with ECC. As a delivery driver for our system, you work for a fully licensed and properly insured medical cannabis collective that enjoys the benefits and protections that any other CA employee receives. If this position sounds interesting to you, please send us an email to and put DELIVERY DRIVER APPLICATION in the subject line.