Disclaimers / Company Policies


In order to receive medicine from the collective, all patients are required to:

1. Possess and/or show the driver your credentials upon request.

2. Be in good standing with collective before ordering. In order to receive deliveries, your membership status must be clear, and all debts to the collective must be brought current.

3. We require all patients to maintain a permanent, residential location in our files to receive deliveries. We cannot meet you down the street, in a parking lot, at commercial locations, at a hotel, or anywhere other than a secure, residential location. Our collective is a professional and discreet, and we require discretion from our patients. This policy allows you to check your order in privacy, sign all collective paperwork discreetly, and provides safety to our staff members while they deliver your medicine to you. If your living situation does not allow you to have a professional medical courier deliver your medicine to you, in the privacy and security of your building, then ECC is not the collective for you.

4. Be at the delivery location BEFORE placing the order. When you call to place your order, our phone staff gives an estimated time, and that time is the end of the estimated delivery window. Your order can arrive anytime from the time you place your order, until the end of the estimated delivery window. If your order is going to be late, or really early, you will receive a call from us to keep you updated.

5. Be financially prepared for the delivery BEFORE placing the order. Our delivery drivers are fast and on a tight schedule, and are instructed to wait for 5 minutes at any delivery location. WE CANNOT WAIT FOR YOU TO GO TO THE BANK — If you are already a patient with us, and your order is not completed in the 5 minute window, you will receive a missed delivery strike. If you miss your first delivery, your membership will be terminated.

6. Understand changes to orders after 5 minutes will not be accepted. If you need to make a change to your order, you have 5 minutes from the time the order was placed to make changes. After 5 minutes the only option is to cancel the order and place another order, which will adjust your delivery window.

7. Donate to the collective in cash. At this time we can only accept cash donations.

We make every effort to provide exceptional medicine. Sometimes things can happen, and we are happy to replace any medicine or return the donation to you if you are unsatisfied.

1. If any item has a defect, we will replace the defective item.
* Item must be listed on receipt, return must be made on same day as listed on receipt.
* Return will be dispatched as additional delivery, all delivery fees will be waived.
* Item must be unused and in original packaging. We cannot replace an item that has been used.

2. We do not guarantee Vapor Products.
* We inspect and test all vapor products prior to delivery.
* All vapor products must be inspected and tested by patient at time of delivery.
* All vapor products sales are FINAL. We do not make returns for any vapor products for any reason.

3. Returns are made using same tender type.
* If item was paid for using cash, you get cash back.
* If item was paid for using store credit, you get store credit back.
* Free items cannot be redeemed for cash value, only exchanged for same item if defective.