Welcome to Evergreen Compassionate Care (ECC)

Our patient base is very diverse, and we serve patients with a wide range of needs. We take your medical concerns seriously and will work with you and your doctor to help you feel better.

At ECC, Compassionate Care is defined by:

* Accurate cannabis recommendations made by expert staff, focused on your medical needs.
* Our goal to ensure each member feel truly valued, cared for, and respected.
* Honoring the trust of the voters in Santa Barbara and the State of California by complying with the rules of Prop 64, Prop 215, SB 420, CA Attorney General Guidelines, as well as all local ordinances.

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**Evergreen Compassionate Care, Inc., is a Nonprofit Mutual Benefit Corporation. All medicine is delivered in compliance with CA Prop 215, SB420, and sections 11362.5 and 11362.7, et al, of CA H.S.C.